The Bicep Curl

Whenever I do an upper body workout I always have a hard time keeping myself from just bicep curling the whole entire time. That workout is by far my favorite arm exercise and my eyes go straight to the free weights right as I walk into the gym. When I first started bicep curling the very first day I started I had a guy approach me and flatly state “You’re doing it wrong…” To achieve the full exercise you want to have your arm down by your side and bringing it up with your weight lower it back down after ALL THE WAY! I when I started out would stop my arm slightly by my hips. Changing my method and relearning the correct way made me have to drop my weight 5 lbs which I will admit embarrassed me because I thought I was this buff strong girl huffing and puffing with her 15 lb weights. Lowering myself to 10 lbs however I could feel the whole stretch, curl and flexation through my WHOLE arm. I started out slowly after that and focused more on gaining lean muscles with my muscles as well as just strengthening my arms because I really had never lifted before that. Just this past December I decided to change from low weights more reps for lean muscles to heavy weights lower reps for more muscle gain. I thought I was addicted to bicep curls already, but once I started adding a bit more weight gradually I notice when people ask me now “What do you do for fun Mikaela?” my answer is usually… “Ummmm I bicep curl and squat….” yup I’m a girl that would much rather go to the gym on a friday night. Friday nights usually mean empty gym anyways! (Insert sassy hand emoji) After rambling about bicep curling so much all in all I just want to say do your bicep curls, but make sure that’s not the only thing you do. It is a really satisfying feeling though to realize that I actually get extremely excited over something like this. I had people ask me this morning why I was so excited and happy. My simple answer was “I got to bicep curl this morning” 🙂



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  1. Frank D says:

    This is fantastic! I’m learning from your journey! Thanks Mikaela. xo

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  2. Frank Dalziel says:

    Hi Mikaela: I re-read this post today, after another two months of experience in the gym, I appreciate this much more! Your description of bicep curls really hit home this time around. And a Friday night gym partner! I’d have given anything; but of course timing is everything in life isn’t it? I spent lots of Fridays by myself. But that was then……..🙂. I’ve already learned so much from you, so thanks Mikaela!

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