It’s a choice

Summer is just around the corner! These past few days the weather has finally felt like the beginning of summer, and then it’s supposed to rain tomorrow :(, and I’ve noticed that change in my workouts and drive. The sun and warmth has really made me lethargic so my drive or let’s go get it attitude has kind of disappeared and has been replaced with…. let’s curl up like a cat in the sun and sleep! When i’ve gotten to the gym however, and started working out my drive comes right back and is almost even stronger because it’s all bright and sunny outside and I’m sweating that little bit extra. So what do you do if you don’t want to go and you need to push yourself that extra bit? how can you get yourself excited when all you want to do is cat nap in the sun?

  • One way I get myself to go is simply by making it a habit. I plan it out for the whole week ahead of time and set it in stone so if that day comes and I just don’t feel like it I still push myself since I set that time aside. If I don’t go at that set time then my day and other plans are thrown off and I like to plan stuff. I’m terrible at making decisions on the spot so planning in advance is my friend!
  • Another way I get myself to go is I’ve worked my recovery shake into my meal scheme for the day. Now I could just drink it by itself without working out, but where is the fun in that? Those protein shakes really truly only taste amazing right after a good workout or maybe in a smoothie. So go do that workout and then reward yourself with those needed proteins and calories that you planned into your meal scheme!
  • Of course another one is thinking about summer…. and the heat… and cool water… and SWIMMING SUITS! I know we all want to look UHMAZING in whatever rocking swimsuit we choose for the summer. So why not push yourself a little extra in the gym for your fabulous summer!?
  •  The biggest reason to get me going however, is the thought of getting that pump and getting to rock those gym clothes WITH that pump while lifting heavy and listening to music….. This is my me time. This is really the only time during the day that I get to focus on myself and bettering myself and taking care of myself. I work in a customer service environment so during most days I am taking care of others and putting my feelings and cares aside and that can get pretty tiring. The gym is MY time. Its the little window of space where I get to plug my music in and shut everyone and everything else out except bettering myself. You don’t really get that any other time of the day so why not give it to yourself and enjoy it. Sure you may need a little push to get started, but honestly even if I need a little push at the beginning in the back of my brain I’m already ready to enjoy myself.

BUT in the end it is your choice….. You can choose that cat nap, which don’t get me wrong I almost chose that the other day…., OR you can choose to get that extra sweat on and take care of yourself!….. and then take that cat nap. 😉 Because you’ll be extra worn out so will enjoy it more! Right? 🙂

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  1. Frank Dalziel says:

    Awwwwww. Just loved this! Can really identify in my own life, not only for gym time, but work in general. I really like schedules and lists! Scheduling “me “ time has become more important as time moves along. No use wasting perfectly good time …… we never get it back. Which reminds me ……….. 🥰😘


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