Summer Treats

During the summer months I find myself always craving a cold sweet dessert or sugary drink and while I do allow myself to indulge here and there I have also come up with some fun alternatives that I wanted to share as well come into summer!


Drinks- I find myself craving slushies hard core during the summer. Alcoholic and non alcoholic…. There is something about an icy drink that makes my mouth water. Seven Eleven is a weakness of mine with their coke slushy while places like Chapala’s mexican restaurant get me with their tequila sunrise. Now I don’t even want to start thinking about how much sugar and dyes and artificial stuff could be in those things. I allow myself to have one once in a while, but what are some of my options to replace instead of going cold turkey?

La Croix- I know, I know….. I sound very basic, but there is something so delicious and addicting about this sparkling water. It is also zero sugars and zero calories and only contains carbonated water and natural flavors. So definitely a healthier option to go with. I like pouring mine over ice or getting super fancy and adding some frozen fruit that goes with the flavor I’m drinking. I also will make faux mimosa’s with organic orange juice, ice and the citrus La Croix. So delicious! La Croix

Starbucks iced tea with lemon- Starbucks uses cane sugar with their teas and with ringing in at 90 calories this is a healthy refreshing version of an Arnold Palmer! They have it in both a black tea or green tea option and if you are just not feeling the lemon the plain tea is a yummy treat as well. Super nice to sip on on a warm day. Iced Tea

Water of course is always my main go to and ice water especially during the summer is so thirst quenching. Just like the La Croix I like to add frozen fruit and ice sometime or even lemon juice just to give it a nice twist. Pinterest has so many cute ideas for infused water that is healthy and delicious.

Desserts- Ice cream during the summer is my weakness….. and thank goodness for Halo Top! It’s definitely a cleaner less calories option and after trying other brands like arctic zero and stuff which were not exactly my favorite I have found one flavor of Halo Top in particular that has my heart. Candy Bar! I get the chocolate, the peanuts and the caramel and its only around 400 calories for the WHOLE container. So you can have like a nice little cup and be sitting at around 100 calories and not feel gross at all because it is really low in carbs and fats. I can very easily eat a whole container though so I have to be careful. haha I have to remember portions. Halo Top

Watermelon- The essential summer treat! And you’re getting hydration from it too because watermelon is made up predominately of water! Ice cold watermelon is one of the most refreshing and rewarding snacks I know of. Make sure you know how to pick a watermelon at the store though so you don’t end up with an unripe one. Give it a nice thump and listen for a low hollower sound. That means its ready!

Ciao Bella’s sorbettos and gelatos are definitely a sweet and light treat as well. You can find them at usually every food store in the specialty ice cream section. Their fruit flavors are just so delicious and real tasting to me and since they are a bit expensive I don’t let myself indulge too much and so I keep the calories low, but still enjoy a sweet treat. Ciao Bella

These are just a few of my favorite cool summer treats that are lower on the calories and sugars. Fruit is definitely a first go to as well for me during the summer because that is when fruit is in it’s season and tastes the best. What are some of your favorite summer treats?

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  1. wmeberle says:

    Great options there, Mikaela! My favorite is definitely watermelon! So healthy for you and very refreshing 😍 I agree completely about Halo Top, it’s as guilt free as ice cream comes and still maintains the texture and flavor (I need to go find the peaches and cream flavor, all I hear are people raving). 7-11 slurpees are an infrequent guilty pleasure when I’ve worked hard outside 👍😊 I tend to avoid the carbonated drinks, they make me feel bloated 😉

    I really like your options, I try some of the others occasionally but not often. A good Arnold Palmer can be very refreshing!

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    1. wmeberle says:

      Oh, the other thing I do is make homemade banana ice cream – one ingredient (although addition of flavorings is a good thing) and super creamy! Put three, cut up frozen bananas in a food processor; process for 5 minutes – done! 😍😍😍

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  2. Gerard Potvin says:

    Watermelon is so great. Versatile, refreshing and just a fun food.

    La Croix is doing it right, so many flavors now too. Personally add that to vodka, you have a great refreshing cocktail, little to no calories and little to no carbs. It’s like a diet cocktail with nothing artificial.

    Ice Cream, oh sweet tantalizing and delicious Ice Cream, or in Wisconsin also Frozen Custard. Have to moderate here, but also don’t want to deprive myself. Have not tried Halo Top but I’m intrigued.

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