My Experience with FRÈ

Ever since I have begun to workout, about four years ago, I have loved all the results and growth that is happening both physically and mentally for me. I have progressed slowly, but it all has been worth it. My only complaint though with my fitness journey is I have noticed personally I have struggled more with breakouts and unhappy skin due to the fact I sweat more on a daily basis now. I switched foundations around to go with something lighter, I’ve tried different acne cleanses, I’ve gone makeup free, but nothing seems to completely clean up that sweaty unhappy pore mess that happens ESPECIALLY after leg day. Enter FRÈ

FRÈ is a skin care company designed for women with active lifestyles that cause them to sweat a bunch and honestly for the woman who loves to get a bit sweaty. They use a Argania complex which is a copyrighted blend of organic argan oil, argan leaf water extracts and argan stem cells. This complex is designed and specialized to help fight the damage and breakouts your skin gets from working out, sweating, being active, sun damage…. etc. The program comes with three stages:

Step One: Protect Me. This product is a Defense Facial Moisturizer with the Argania Active Complex and Broad Spectrum SPF30. This moisturizer can be applied before going out in the sun or before working out. It is light so it does not clog your pores, but it deeply hydrates your face and helps build up your skins natural barrier to combat breakouts and unhappy pores.

Step Two: Purify Me. This products is a deep, but gentle exfoliator with that Argania Active Complex again as well as jojoba beads. The jojoba beads help add that light texture to the active complex to unclog your pores if you’ve had any clogging from sweat and it hydrates and nourishes your skin. You apply this on a daily basis or after your workouts.

Step Three: Revive Me. This product is probably my favorite of the three. It is a deep replenishing serum with that Argania Active Complex and then argan stem cells. You apply this one after using Purify Me. This product is packed with minerals and is hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists. The minerals and argan blend give your skin a lovely healthy glow as well as just regenerating your skin and improving elasticity.

My personal experience has been nothing, but amazing with these products. I have felt way more confident in my skin as well and have noticed way less breakouts and unhappy pores. My skin also FEELS different after just two weeks of using this product. Its smoother and less oily in places and just overall very happy feeling. I don’t know if that can actually be a thing? but my face feels happy. Plus I have a glow. I definitely recommend these products if you are someone who has that active lifestyle and sweats a bunch and so combats unhappy skin because of that. Or even if you don’t combat unhappy skin as much this is a good investment just to improve your skins health and happiness. I personally have found with my confidence being so much stronger I have worn less and less makeup out and about and have not worried about how I look or if my skin is blotchy and unhappy, which it isn’t.

These products by FRÈ are 100% vegan and cruelty free. No testing on animals period. ALSO a super fun fact. For EVERY skincare set bought FRÈ will plant an argan tree to help regrow the endangered argan forest and help support the women in Morocco who are harvesting the argan oil.


As a little perk for all you awesome people for the next 48 hrs my code FBMJ25 is active and will get you 25% off your bundle purchase! I would definitely give this skincare line a try PLUS the products last you about 3-4 months and a little bit goes a long way so in the long run it’s a good deal! Let me know what you think. xoxo

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  1. Gerard Potvin says:

    Great information, especially since I am a sweaty mess while working out. Shoulder pads in high school during football was terrible for my back. A good product would have been a Godsend.

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