I’m Back!!! AND Collagen Peptides

I’M BACK!!!!!!! I’m sorry I was MIA for a while on my blog posts. I was honestly struggling with coming up with ideas on what to write about and what I really wanted the theme of my blog to be. I’m leaning more towards the healthy lifestyle + fitness so not only can I give tips about workouts and such I can also just share fun healthy hacks and ideas. Please Please comment or message me ideas you think would be fun to write or read about AND if you have collaboration or product ideas. I am ALWAYS open for fun new ideas and topics.

So while I was MIA from my blog I have been working out still and just dealing with a lot of life things and staying super busy. What I wanted to write about today however, is a new collagen product I’m taking and how in love with it I am! I recently, about two weeks ago now, started taking Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. They have various flavors and styles of their peptides to choose from, (All are in really cute bottles too). I however, am just using their unflavored collagen peptides. Serving on the container is two scoops for 20 grams of collagen protein; I however, just use one scoop. I still get 10 grams of extra protein and it makes the container last a lot longer. Doing it as one scoop you get about a months supply. The collagen peptides come from bovine hide and that is literally ALL that is in this product.

I get questions a lot at my work what all collagen is good for. Many people know about the skin side of it, but fewer know about the joint side of it as well as the digestion side. Collagen is GREAT for skin hydration and elasticity and health. It also supports nail and hair health and strength. So a GREAT beauty tool just to help keep up that healthy youthful look. On the joint side of it collagen helps with joint and bone health. Just strengthening both and supporting your body’s collagen as well. It helps with recovery after a workout, which I personally can attest to. I’ve noticed since taking the collagen my joints haven’t been as achy after a heavy lift. Also my hair has felt a lot healthier and my skin hasn’t been as red and oily feeling. And this is just after taking it for two weeks! I can’t want to see the results in like a month or two! These collagen peptides also help gut health and just really strengthen your digestion support and defend against bloating due to the natural occurring amino acids in the bovine protein. On the side of my bottle actually it lays out the amino profile and all the natural amino acids you are getting in your product.

With the simple unflavored collagens I use I can mix it in any hot or cold beverage so I add it to my morning coffee daily and you cannot tell the difference at all. Doesn’t change the taste or texture of my coffee! Vital Proteins has many types of collagens as well so you don’t just have to stick with an unflavored one. They have collagen creamers as well which are dairy free, the base is coconut milk powder, and beauty blends that have yummy flavors such as mixed berry, dark chocolate raspberry, and strawberry lemonade. You should definitely go check out their website since they have bone broths and collagen and veggies or collagen in capsule form. And all of them are pretty affordable I’ve found if you do it in like a single scoop serving. Vital Proteins Website

I can’t wait to get back in the groove of blog posting and I’m hoping and praying to stay as consistent as I can. I would totally love it though if you commented ideas below or shared your thoughts as well. Have you tried collagen before? ALSO hit that subscribe button or follow button so you can be on top of it when I post!!! Thank you for being awesome and patient and positive people. J xoxo MJ

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    Very interesting, Mikaela! 👍

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