Hobby Challenge!!

I’ve had several people reach out recently and ask about my hobbies outside of fitness. Fitness is definitely a lifestyle for me so I don’t really consider it a hobby, but to some people it is and that is completely fine! Whatever works for you and you see the results! 🙂 That’s what matters in the long run right?

I have a few hobbies and they usually relate either to food or music or travel. Those three topics plus fitness are my main loves in life. Within each of these hobbies I like to challenge myself just so I can continue to grow as a person through learning and experiences! For each of the hobby category then I’m leaving a little challenge for you all! xoxoxo you should try them and then comment below or message me! I always believe in pushing yourself a little bit here and there so you can continue to grow as a person!

Food hobbies: COOKING and BAKING! I have recently discovered how much I love to try new recipes or play around with old recipes and put my twist on them. Especially Greek dishes! In another blog post I’ll share some of my favorite go to healthy dishes I like to make and eat which are pretty easy to make! Do you personally like to bake or cook better? Another food hobby would of course be eating…… I love food so much! I love to try new food. Discovering fun new places around town is a hobby of mine because I always am open to trying new foods and gaining experience and memories. There is something so calming and awesome about chilling with friends and/or family and eating and talking. My most consistent food buddy would have to be my dad…. That guy is usually always down to go try someplace with me. Challenge for you then! Go try a new place in town you haven’t gone to and order something you normally wouldn’t order! You may be pleasantly surprised!

Music hobbies: Playing the piano and singing have always been a huge part of my life. Music in general is a huge part of who I am. I do love to just sit at the piano and either play just piano or accompany myself while I sing. Singing Musicals and some pop and classical would be my go to’s for sure. Finding new music by just randomly searching genres is another hobby of mine. I love listening to most music, but my weakness would probably have to be Greek music and 80’s hits. Listening to music can transport you to a happier place or make a sad day better, etc. Music is so incredibly healing, it’s hard to explain sometimes, BUT I know most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. xoxo so my Challenge for you is! find a genre of music you don’t usually listen to, for example on spotify or pandora, and listen to a playlist that you don’t know to expand your music repertoire!

Travel hobbies: If I could I would already just be traveling the whole world taking everything in and embracing all cultures! BUT I still have to figure out how I can do that! Haha someday 🙂 My goal is to be able to visit all the countries in the world in my life time! I have visited six so far….. so I have a ways to go still due to the fact there are 196 countries. 190 to go!!!!! You should all comment below what countries you have visited! I also love traveling around my state and hiking and just exploring around me because honestly there are quite a few gems. Getting outside in nature is a must for me. In the PNW however, during the winter it gets very wet and rainy and so exploring can be a bit limited. So then my food and travel hobbies tie in together and I travel around town finding fun food places and stores to just explore. Honestly I love to just explore and check everything out if I can! so my Travel Challenge for you is! Try to find a hike around you to do and bring a friend so you can enjoy the views together! And then explore your town or somewhere nearby and try to find a fun local store and take the time to just look at things.

In our day and age and society technology takes up so much of all of our times. Technology has many pros and cons, but when it starts to take over and make us lose our sense of adventure and living in the moment then we need to take some measures to make sure we are getting out and living in the moment. So I challenge you to get out, hang out with friends, try new foods, find little boutiques around your town, book trips out of the country, find new music to listen to, go to live concerts, bake meals with friends, etc.

Let’s challenge ourselves to try and live and love more in the moment! xoxoxo

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  1. wmeberle says:

    Great ideas, Mikaela! I’ll accept that challenge! 😊 👍

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  2. Frank Dalziel says:

    Awwww. I just love this blog and your challenges!! Of course I’ll take you up on them! The only one I can answer immediately is my travel. Countries would be Canada, USA, and Republic of Kiribati.

    How about if we break up the USA and Provinces? Each is so different. In the USA, I’ve been to Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, and Hawaii.

    In Canada: Throughout BC (my home), Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and North-west Territories.

    Within the Republic of Kiribati, I’ve spent 5 weeks at Kiritimati (Christmas) Island. I love it there! It is known for fishing, but snorkelling, scuba, bird watching, and beaches are fabulous. And the people of Kiritimati are the most gracious and generous people I have met.

    Ok! I’ll report back on the rest of your challenge soon. It will be fun! 🙂

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  3. Frank Dalziel says:

    Oops. Supposed to just do a local hike. Ok will do that too.

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