During this time of year life seems to pick up quickly. The holidays, school, work…. All these incorporate a lot of our time and not to mention we get involved in our friend’s and family’s craziness as well. It just all seems to be one big whirlwind. Personally here in the Pacific Northwest during this time the weather starts to get grey and depressing with a lot of rain casting a slight gloom over everything and making you extra tired. I always seem to find all my stress and drama happens during this time because everyone is in the same boat or should I say struggle bus….

Here in America especially we all are rushing somewhere or working 9-5 and then repeating the day again. This mentality is definitely good sometimes and the drive to get things done is, don’t get me wrong, good to a point. At what point however, do we allow ourselves to stop and breath? Get outside? Enjoy a long meal with friends and family? When do we allow ourselves to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life? It’s the little things in life that regularly are overlooked that often enough matter the most in the long run. I myself am very guilty of getting swept up in drama and stress and always being super busy that I allow myself to get overwhelmed and acquire tunnel vision. I struggle with knowing when to stop…. How do you break the vicious cycle of being stressed and then worn out and then being stressed…etc.? And then that just leads to depression and unhealthy mental health as well. So how do we combat that?

Many of you may know I have a deep love for Greece. I have family there and have been multiple times and cannot wait to be back. Being in Greece is so different than America on so many levels. The way that stands out to me most though and the aspect I love the most is the Greek’s love of life. They take time to enjoy the little things in life. They stop and share moments with loved ones. They enjoy their food and stretch meals out to make it a time of fellowship and laughter. They have Kefi. Now when you put the word Kefi into Google translate the computer translates it literally to the word fun…. Other simple ways people describe the word is joyful, fun loving, passion, spirit, happy, or loving life. Those descriptions barely scratch the surface though as there is no one English word that can truly define Kefi. Sure you can describe it in those words I provided above, but that only then gives the word a partial definition/meaning. The true meaning of the word Kefi however, is finding the positivity and all those other words I mentioned above, the love of life, during the moments when you aren’t doing to hot. When life is just messing with you and you need a break. That is when your true Kefi can be found. How can you react differently and find your Kefi? What can you do to not get so caught up the fast pace and drama filled life? How can we slow life down a little and enjoy it? I made a small list of some things that help me during times when I feel my Kefi is faltering a bit and thought I’d share. Xo

  • Enjoy the Little Moments and Live in the Moment- Stop and enjoy yourself. You aren’t going to get to have this moment or even this second again so why not live it to it’s fullest. Really enjoy your meal, smile at that stranger, and take the longer scenic route. Do something different for a change. When we get into a routine it is very hard to break that routine up, but honestly sometimes we need to break it. We often go onto autopilot when we have a routine set and don’t look around due to the fact we are comfortable and know exactly how something should go. Sure that can be secure and safe feeling, but if we don’t mix it up once in a while where’s the fun in doing the same thing over and over and over. Set aside time during your day to do something fun and new for YOURSELF!
  • Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones- Eat together, get a cup of coffee…. This includes family, friends, acquaintances, significant others. Just spend time with people you care about. And put your technology away. Get outside and hike with them even. Just spend time with people and connect. When we feel connected we don’t get as overwhelmed because we’re reminded we’re not alone! We have people who care about us and are there for us when the road gets tough and we are there for them as well. Make awesome memories and moments that can’t be captured on camera or phone due to the fact you are living in the moment together.
  • Get Outside- There is just something about getting fresh air and out of the confines of your room or house. Go find a quiet spot in nature to just chill and take it all in. Take a hike, go swim at a lake or even get outside and have a picnic with friends. But get that vitamin D, blood moving and fresh air. You deserve it. Even better, one of my favorites, treat yourself to a day at a winery!!! Xo
  • Change Up Your Routine- I mentioned earlier we often go onto autopilot and so miss the little moments in life, so this ties in very closely with number one. Learn to do something new. I have been trying to cook more for example and I love it!!! Definitely a stress reliever and since it’s something new I enjoy the whole experience. Learn how to dance! That is very Greek of me to say…. DANCE! Even if it is just a little head bop or hip wiggle. Dance the blues away 🙂 xo

These four ideas/topics just barely scratch the surface in my opinion of the ways you can enjoy life. Find what personally makes you happy and do that. Take the time to treat yourself because in the long run you are your best friend and you’re with yourself through thick and thin. Find your love of life in the little things and the small special moments. Your life should be full of love and lived to the fullest. Find your kefi! you deserve it! Xo

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  1. Gerard Potvin says:

    Working out outside is one of the many reason why I love to run! Running during a snowfall, the sound the serenity, I love it. A warm rain, I also love that too. KEFI, what a great word!

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  2. Frank Dalziel says:

    Kefi. Wow! I can totally relate to this love of life. I had it when I was very young, perhaps up to 20. Family dinners were so much fun!! When my Grandma and Grandpa came to visit they always brought the ingredients for incredible Ukrainian dishes; my favourite being perogies (haha….a.k.a. known as jumping jacks; or just jacks), but there were so many other foods to try! Homemade dill pickles, pickled herring, and other assorted European dishes! Lots of cookies, cakes, and pies for desert. Yes!! Dinners were very special and were celebrated! I miss my grandparents. They had an amazing love for life that honestly just died in me. I have no idea why but for a while it did! There was so much more to this, and life was simple. I walked or rode a bicycle to school, played baseball & basketball, and even went fishing by myself, or with one of my younger brothers tagging along.

    Thanks Mikaela, for introducing me to Kefi! I’ve experienced it, and love it! You are such a special lady to be able to bring great memories like these, and much more, flooding back!

    I now know what I was missing for all of these years. Oh, I know that tunnel vision you mentioned! And the frustration and depression too. I lost Kefi for awhile! I’m so glad you returned it!! xoxoxo

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