How often do we forget about all the awesome things that happen in our daily life? Especially when we are going through maybe some rougher times and feel nothing is going our way. We can sometimes experience tunnel vision and we cut out all the good things around us because we just feel so overwhelmed by the negatives happening. I know I struggle with this for sure. I also find myself sometimes get grumpy and want to stay sad and not think of things to be grateful for due to the fact I feel like nothing is going my way, and how would being grateful for something change any of that. WELL…. Need to get out of that rut fast. That’s where you just start feeling sorry for yourself and that is never good. If we were to wake up each morning with just what we had said we were thankful for the day before, what would we be left with? And you can be thankful to God, those around you, yourself, the world.. it is different for everyone, but same in the way that we are all thankful for something! 

 Recently I found a grateful journal at a local store. Each day there’s an entry for something you’re grateful for. And then there are little positive quotes and check lists of things to help you be in more of a positive confident mindset. This journal ties in with my blog post earlier because it reminds you that you are enough. There are little quotes throughout that I have loved just going over and reading due to the fact they make me feel special and loved and then I very easily can start thinking of things I’m grateful for. These things don’t need to be ground breaking or earth shattering moments. They can be small every day things that stand out to you and make you smile and stop and think “wow that was something special.” For example one of my grateful posts is about The Great British Bake Off. That may cause a chuckle, but this show is literally my favorite TV show and it calms me down so well. Something about British people baking? And the way they talk? That was a post I had though because the show is honestly something I am super grateful for.

 Starting is always the hardest step with something like this. Starting the journal I myself was like “I’m not going to keep this up” or “how the heck am I going to find something to be grateful for every day!?” And to be honest I’ve missed a couple days here or there where I just got super busy and honestly forgot or I just wasn’t feeling it. But once you start and get in the groove and mindset it becomes second nature to start looking out for the little moments during your day you are thankful for. It could be a helpful stranger, a cup of coffee, a song that comes on the radio at the perfect time? These are all things I have noted as little blessings and have been thankful for. Especially during these darker months it’s so nice to have those little rays of light during your day. Christmas time and New Years can actually be an easier time to find things to be grateful for due to it being the holiday season and everywhere has that glow and family is around, etc. I find it harder after the holidays when you hit January and February when you are just hunkering down for the rest of winter and waiting for the sun to come back. So I say start now when it might be a bit easier so when the more bleak months come along it’s already a strong habit you have created!

 These Journals are not hard to find or even make! You can find templates online for fun ideas on how to make your own or there are websites with lots of cute options to choose from. I’d recommend choose one that makes you smile. Take the time to really decide which one you want because this journal should be special to you. It’s your positive diary. It’s where during the rough times you can either go write in it or read past entries. I instantly clicked with the one I bought and still when I pick it up I get all excited because it honestly is a super positive book. I feel positive just from holding it. My mind set changes and the tunnel vision disappears allowing me to be aware of what all is around me, and that there is something to be thankful for!

 What is something you’re grateful for today? Xo


I also just wanted to share asmall section of a song by Don Moen called “Give Thanks”. This song has kept popping up my head at random times and it’s just a beautiful reminder we are not alone. Xo

Give thanks with a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy One. Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son

And now let the weak say,”I am strong”. Let the poor say, “I am rich. Because of what the Lord has done for us”

Photography by Jacob Pace 

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  1. wmeberle says:

    This is beautiful and important, Mikaela. It’s a habit that can help us keep from falling into that trap of focusing on the negative. Certainly I could use help with this myself and it occurs to me that the New Year is a good opportunity to present this to my nieces and nephews. Thank you for this idea, Mikaela! Have a beautiful day, my friend 🙏

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