Chef’s Table

So this is a bit of a different post for me, but I had a friend ask a while back to talk about some books or movies that inspire me. I have a short attention span when it comes to movies or shows, and even books, so I really have to be interested and invested to finish them. That being said I definitely have certain books and shows that inspire me and I binge watch them a ton. So today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite shows that’s super inspiring to me in the way it recognizes beauty in food. The Netflix series Chef’s Table! This show highlights a different chef each fifty-minute episode and not only talks about the food they make, but their history.

What really hits home with me in this show, is the art and beauty of food in each episode. The chefs find beauty in all the little things around them. They create art and are extremely passionate about life. Many of them are influential and famous chefs, but when you learn more about them you find they are just down to earth people who are very passionate about what they do. They take the time to enjoy the little moments, look back on where they came from, and never take their success for granted. They all worked hard to get where they are now, and so the present moment is that much sweeter for them! They’re real and quirky, and think outside of the box, resulting in beautiful creations!

One of my favorite episodes would have to be the one about the Buddhist monk. She uses cooking as her meditation. She finds the beauty and stillness in creating simple, but elegant dishes. Relishing the silence and alone time she creates her food and doesn’t take any moment for granted. She is fully in the moment and so does not get distracted or miss out on the beautiful art she is making. Another one would be the chef from Peru who creates dishes using ingredients from each of Peru’s unique ecosystems. Each dish he creates looks like the ecosystem the ingredients came from. I find that so ingenuous and beautiful. Some of the dishes didn’t even look like you could eat them, but you can and I bet they are delicious! I could say every single one of the episodes of this show is my favorite due to the fact each chef sees so much beauty and life in their food. It is refreshing and inspiring to watch. Definitely would recommend checking it out if you have Netflix!

Cooking/baking has become a stress reliever for me. I love being able to take the time to make something, to create, and then share my creation. I have found as well it is a way I can show love to those around me. Sharing a creation and wanting to leave those around me feeling satisfied. There is something almost magical about cooking. One minute you have all these different ingredients strewn around you, the next they have all been combined to make something delicious. You are also quite vulnerable when cooking. You take the time to create, and put something together, and then you hope and pray those you serve it to like what you made and don’t rip your cooking apart. You get excited to share a bit of you and let people in on a part of your world. This is so true especially if you are creating something with no recipe, since you are making it up as you go, or you are preparing something for a very important person in your life. It goes from just a simple task in the kitchen to a labor of love. Always be grateful when someone puts something they created in front of you. Even if it is not entirely to your taste find a way to appreciate it, and the time put into the creation. Time is so important and we don’t get it back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. We can’t take anything, any moment, any interaction for granted, and I see that in this show. The chefs treasure each moment and create a loving positive atmosphere at their restaurants for people to enjoy the food, as well as the company around them. The whole experience is what people come for. Not just the famous chef or the food.

Also getting to see all the different countries and a glimpse into their history and traditions definitely entices me. There is a certain slowness in each of the countries visited. The people are more connected with their surroundings, nature… etc. They aren’t rushing around missing things. This is something I am constantly trying to work on. I don’t want to miss anything. I want to live in the moment and look up and around me. Chef’s Table inspires me to do that. Chef’s Table inspires me to find beauty in food, in taking time with loved ones, in going out in nature and exploring. It can seem kind of funny that watching a show or media would want to make me enjoy the moment more, but watching an episode, fifty minutes long, you are refreshed to go out and explore now. So it’s okay to take that fifty minutes to watch and maybe even re-center. It’s a self-care for you because you are actively resting. You are resting, but at the same time being inspired to go out and find new food places, explore, take on the world, etc. In a long story short fashion I really think you should check Chef’s Table out! Go NOW!



Picture from for the official Chef’s Table Series.

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  1. wmeberle says:

    That’s a fantastic show, Mikaela! Thank you for the recommendation 🤗😍 I’ve only watched a few episodes but the passion in the the chefs is a beauty to behold! You and I are similar, I think, in our love of cooking and what is conveyed through that effort. I look forward the episode with the monk, that sounds so fascinating!

    I also enjoying hearing what you enjoy doing and how it is a positive experience for you! Thank you for sharing that, Mikaela 👍🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mjaquette says:

      Aw thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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