Fight For It!

Have you ever had something you wanted so much more than anything else in this world? What did you do to keep it and safe guard it? Did you fight for it and believe one hundred percent in it? You have to if you want to keep those things safe I believe. This goes for things, for people, for relationships, etc. If you really want something badly, be willing to fight tooth and nail to protect it, and to prove how much you value it….

Now adays I come across the message of easiness so often. It’s so easy to get something else so if the going gets tough with a relationship for example why would you spend time and energy on that when you can probably find another one super easily? The same goes for goals too… Why work really hard for a goal when you can find one that is probably easier and less work? I believe if we really truly want something and want it to be special and one of a kind we have to put the work in. We have to be willing to put the time and effort into fighting for what we want when the going gets rough. When we could cop out and go for the easier route…. Think though how that would change our work ethic. We wouldn’t be a hard worker in any aspect of our life if we shirked away from the rough patches. Life isn’t always sunshine and roses, and the rainy darker times are what make us really appreciate the smoother times. We don’t take what we have for granted when we have to fight and work for it. We find we appreciate and respect the time we put into our goals.

Be stubborn when you know you want something. Don’t back down easily when the going gets rough. Instead brace yourself and tell yourself that the reward will be that much sweeter after this rough patch. Don’t go down without a fight! I grew up learning that if you want something you have to put the time in. You have to expect it to not always go your way, but you continue anyways. If we all stopped at the first sign of trouble nothing would ever get accomplished. Think of how sweet the reward and the completion of your goals will feel after all your work as well. Like at the end of a workout. You have sweat up a storm and had many moments during the workout where you just felt exhausted, but you powered through and at the end you felt amazing. You have that pump and you even feel cleaner after all the sweat. I love that feeling after a good workout, because I know I put all that time in and I didn’t quit so my goals will be hit.

Sweat and tears should be shed when you are working for something you really want. Some could even say sweat, tears, AND blood should be shed, (depends on the situation.) You should however, be ready to weather a few storms because when the sun breaks from between the clouds at the end it will shine down on your perseverance, and your hard work. Put on a brave face, but a fighting face. If you know what you want then go for it. If you really want something and love it dearly fight for it. Any type of relationship I believe should be fought for. Everyone has hard days, but we should really stick through thick and thin with the people we care for. Family, friends, partners…. This goes for everyone in our life. Especially if you connect with those people and can be real and comfortable around them. Don’t let those ones go! Let them know you care and even if you don’t agree on everything, let them know you support them and are willing to work through things with them instead of just dropping the ball and leaving.

This goes for yourself as well. You are so worth fighting for. You are so worth standing up through thick and thin for. You have so much going on; so don’t give up on yourself when the going gets a bit rough. When the storm just seems a bit too much, start looking for the rainbow and the glimpses of sunshine. The things about yourself that you love, and the things about yourself that inspire you to keep going. The reason why those around you love you so much. You might need those people to remind you so you can experience yourself through their eyes, but that is okay. It’s okay to reach out if your struggling. No one is going to bash you or laugh because the people around you love and care, and want to fight along side you. Don’t let the backtalk or storm be continuous. Instead suit up, brace yourself and remind yourself of all the worthy things you have going on. You are worthy of so much and should fight for all those amazing qualities in yourself.

I view myself as a warrior on the battlefield of life, we all should do that actually. Standing brave and strong in the face of obstacles and opponents who want to take us down. Those opponents can be curveballs life throws our way or even our own thoughts towards ourselves. They truly can be anything that is trying to disrupt our peace. So we fight…. We stand up for what we hold true and love. We prove ourselves worthy through our endurance and resilience. We fight for ourselves, for our loved ones, for what we know and believe is right in the world. Have no fear in being real and saying what you believe is right and honorable. Let those around you know they are not alone and how much you care for them. In the end no one is ever truly alone on the battlefield of life. We all have those people that are willing to fight along side us, behind us, and even for us if needed. Find those people and hold on to them! They are the real ones in this world and even if the going gets rough will be by your side. Work on being one of those people yourself for those around you as well. Like the Spartan Warriors of old, fight for honor and what you believe is right even if the odds don’t seem always in your favor. Be courageous every day and every minute! Xoxolarge

Picture By  Stephan Bullard

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  1. Oof. I feel like this is a sign. I’ve been struggling with a work decision going back and forth between ‘is it worth it or will it just be a waste of time’. I know that choosing to face it head on will take a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it. Thanks for this!

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Yesssss! I’m so glad I could help! Xoxoxo


  2. justnatonya says:

    Another raw post from the queen! Yes, you can’t give up on your dreams and goals! Fight for what you want! There’s power in resilience and perseverance, thanks for shining a light on this sis!

    Natonya |

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Awwww thank you so much love!!! Xoxoxo you keep shining as well!

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  3. My Bookish Blog - Ayushi says:

    Such a motivational post, loved it! Fight for what matters for you and the right people will be with you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mjaquette says:

      Yes yes yes!!! Xoxoxo


  4. Gerard Potvin says:

    Yes! Fight, fight, fight! The only way you dont get what you want is when you give up. The people that win did not give up, the people that succeed in business maybe failed a bunch, but they didnt give up.

    Of course easier said then done. Especially in relationships, that is a tandom where one may decide to quit, and no matter how you want to work and try, without effort from the other party, it becomes insurmountable sadly. However, we perservere, right? There is always something there, always a purpose and we continue to fight for what we want, need and know.

    Your fight for shining light on all of us makes it easier for all of us to continue to fight too. Thank you!

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    1. mjaquette says:

      We have to persevere! For all we want in life! Xoxoxo thank you!

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      1. Gerard Potvin says:

        You are welcome, and thank you for your fight, perspective and attitude.

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  5. Great post! I definitely believe in fighting for what you want but I also believe that there’s nothing wrong or weak about knowing when to throw in the towel. I think as long as you’ve done everything you can possibly do in order to achieve something – whether you get it or not – that’s what matters x

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Yes I agree with that too!! You get to make the decision about that. Not those around you.

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  6. charlotterick says:

    Love this! Your words are so motivational – thank you!

    Charlotte | x

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Thank you!! Xoxoxo


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