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Being secure and confident in your person is a crucial but hard trait to have and acquire sometimes. I know it’s a give and take as well. Some days you are so incredibly confident in yourself and other days you’re on the struggle bus and just every insecurity seems to rear its head! I definitely have these days. Days where I feel on top of the world, completely okay with being myself and being secure in my person and then days when I just want to hide…. Somewhere where NO ONE can find me. We are all human, this happens, we can’t always have perfect one hundred percent days, that’s just not how life is! Life would be so boring though, if it was always the same, always good and smooth. We would take that for granted and not appreciate the struggle or the journey to loving ourselves! The struggles are what truly shape us and mold us into the people we are today! Xo So I wanted to share a list of some ways that really help boost my confidence and security in myself! Please share in the comment section if you have other ways that help you as well! Xo


Clothes: I like to change up my outfits often, RETAIL THERAPY! Honestly though I find it is so freeing to every so often go through my wardrobe and get rid of clothing that no longer makes me happy. I don’t feel my best self in those clothes. Don’t keep around articles of clothing that you feel frumpy in, that you just shove in your back corner anyways and rarely ever wear. You pull them out once in a while to see if anything has changed, which often enough nothing has, and then back in the corner it goes again. So what are you waiting for!? Get a big bag and get rid of those clothes….. Don’t keep them around to keep letting you down!

Cleaning: I find once clutter has just built up too much in my room I get overwhelmed and blah feeling. So take an afternoon to clean! This goes so well with the clothes aspect I just talked about above as well. You can clean while getting rid of old clothes and maybe some things in your room you really don’t need anymore. The feeling of de-cluttering and letting go of old items… it is really freeing! AND you were in control and made the decision that you didn’t benefit from these things anymore. You were confident enough in your decision to do what was best for you, and what made you happy! So clean all you want!

Make Time: If you’re having a rough day or a down day in anyway, take the time to get ready. Maybe do a little something extra to make yourself feel better. It doesn’t have to be huge either! It can be your favorite color of lipstick, some eyeliner, a different hairstyle, your favorite outfit, and a rub down with some nice lotion…etc. Just anything that makes you feel like you are putting time into you and making you feel better. You definitely deserve some pampering! We all do from time to time especially with rough or long days! take-time-yourself-possitive-message-cork-59220202

Stand Up For YOU: In any situation where you feel you are being misrepresented stand up for yourself. Don’t just let others make assumptions or ideas by what they want to see. No then you’ll struggle with that and probably over think and then just always second-guess yourself around those people. No instead stand up for yourself right off the bat. Let other’s know that they’re wrong if they are making false claims about you and don’t let others act better either. You are incredibly amazing and should not hang out with people that act that way in the first place. You want to hang around people that support you and love you and think you’re incredible. Who love the real you and will listen when you are having a rough day. Those are the people you want on your side of the court. Your team mates for life!

Social Media: Social Media in my opinion is a blessing and a curse! It can inspire you or completely tear you apart. One thing then that I really try to watch with my social sites is that I am following inspiring and real content. Content that I won’t on a bad day follow and suddenly feel bad about myself. We also have to take all of social media with a grain of salt. Someone’s so called perfect life that we covet and get depressed over not having could actually not be as perfect as we imagine. So just be careful. Don’t believe everything you read and see right away and remember the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Follow like-minded people! Follow people that will lift you up and make you feel special. Those are the people you want to see around and then be there for them as well!Social Media Logotype Background


These are just a few ideas I have when dealing with confidence and security in myself. There are so many different ways and some ways work for others, some don’t. Everyone is unique in their own way and they should be confident in their unique and specialness. We should all embrace our differences, which I know can be hard somedays…. It’s a constant journey though and I believe if we consciously do things along the way to try and help and support ourselves and those around us we will feel better about ourselves. Better and more secure in our own person! Please share in the comments ways that help you feel more secure in your person, or if any of the ways I listed above help you!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and start to your week! Be confident and happy in your person and look out for all the blessings and amazing things that come your way! Xo


Photo by Gary Peterson


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  1. Mashibaby says:

    Believe! You can do it:)

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    1. mjaquette says:

      So can you!!!!

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  2. justnatonya says:

    I like switching up my style with different clothes and changing my hairstyle, it just makes me feel refreshed!

    Natonya | https://

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Yeah I love that!!!!

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  3. says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. nerdparents says:

    Loved your post. I love going through my closet every 3 months or so and just cleaning out stuff that I don’t like or even wear anymore. If it doesn’t make me happy I throw it in a box to donate to goodwill or to someone in need. 🙂

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Love that! I do too!! 🙂


  5. Jessica says:

    Beautiful post and very well said! You’re a great advocate for “self love & self care”. Keep inspiring people pretty girl!! XOXO!

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Thank you love!!!

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      1. Jessica says:

        You’re welcome !! 💕

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  6. Finally getting around to reading this, sorry for the delay. But it was worth the wait. Your insights and thoughts are so refreshing and wonderful. I guess it doesnt hurt that I think the same in so many of your points. 🙂 Just a blessing to be able to read each blog you post.

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Aw thank you so much!!!

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      1. Gerard Potvin says:

        You are so very welcome! 🙂

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