An Open Mind

With all that’s going on in our world and all the panic being created through the media and the hoarding it’s hard to take a step back sometimes and look for the lessons or silver linings in all of this. Every day I read even more notes filled with panic, dire and dark news. These are interesting times we are in and there is a lot of fear of the unknown and what the future holds for all of us. Times like these however, are perfect times for us to take that step back. To look at everything and keep an open mind about everything. We need to find the lessons we can learn in all of this. Letting that panic tunnel vision overtake us will only wear us out and add more to all the havoc going on around us. Instead use this time to assess and take everything in and filter out all the unnecessaries to find those silver linings in this time we are going through.

Family is a huge silver lining for me at least. Connecting with people more during this time is so crucial. It helps keep you sane and positive. You might not be able to physically connect with others, but that doesn’t mean you are alone. Thank goodness for social media and phones that keep us in contact with others! You can even just have a friend on the phone while you both are doing things around the house so you don’t feel so isolated. I am so thankful that during this time I’m living with my family so I have all of them with me AND my cute handsome amazing dog. It’s amazing how you can use all this down time to connect and reconnect with others. Create those special bonds because you are getting through this craziness together. We are all supporting each other and are never alone in this. That is one huge silver lining and lesson for me!

Another one for me is seeing how the earth is responding to all this slowing down of human traffic. All the slowing down of exhaust and fumes from travel are huge. It’s amazing to see satellite pictures over China and Italy for example where the air quality is almost perfect due to travel being so cut back. I saw another one of Los Angeles as well where you could see bright blue skies as compared to earlier this year when it was smoggy and grey. Animal activity is also exciting to see! I love looking out my window and seeing all the birds flying around and singing. The robins are going crazy in my back yard. I counted about twenty the other night that were just scurrying around looking for worms and calling out to each other. That is something else to take away from all of this! Look at how the earth is responding to this slowing down of human

Use this time to really connect with God too. I’ve set time aside each morning to read some of my bible. I decided to read through the whole Bible during this time. It definitely sets me on the right track each morning. I’m currently in numbers and even the daunting sections of counting the Israelites and all the rules made seems interesting. It puts life into perspective too a bit… It feels like it’s all new to me and I’ve been enjoying it so much. Just take this time to really talk to God and the silence and slowness of our outside world to really listen to what He says back. Blast praise music and sing it out as well. Use this time to keep spreading God’s love as well as receiving it yourself. We all need that agape love in our life now as we also need it always, but in the present time that kind of love is so comforting. That sacrificial unconditional love. Remember that super bowl commercial about the Greek types of love 😉

During this crazy time it’s perfect to really dive into yourself. Take these moments to spend time in your thoughts and set goals for yourself. Some of your goals may not be able to start until after we are back to moving out and around again, BUT that doesn’t mean you can lay out plans for yourself, you can start achieving goals as well as getting to know yourself. Getting to know how you react to moments like these. How do you respond when your normal world and daily life is completely turned upside down. How can you use this time to learn resilience and perseverance. We always must push forward and find ways to conquer every moment of our day. Use this time to really target the things that make you shine and feel secure in yourself. Those will help you have a reason to rise determined every day even if it is just to go to your living room. We can still conquer and make each day count. We NEED to do that actually….. we need to keep going. So find the ways that help you keep going. Delve into yourself, it might need to be deeper than you have delved in the past, it might feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but you are growing and evolving and learning to be even more yourself.Count-the-garden-by-the-flowers

One other thing I wanted to add was I have gotten to use this time to get so much busy work done. I have painted, written so much more, read, journaled and cleaned out some of my closet. So often we get caught in the tunnel vision of working and errands, even the gym, that we forget to take some time to enjoy the arts and/or slower moments during the day. It’s been refreshing for my mind and soul and I’ve not been as burnt out as I was earlier this month… Sure I may be going a bit stir crazy, but I have still gotten so much done during my time inside!

So just a reminder for all of us. We need to always keep an open mind about everything in life. Don’t jump to conclusions or judgement before you have heard or experienced all the story. Even if moments are uncomfortable or scary for us that doesn’t mean we can’t learn and grow from moments like this. Remember we have all gotten through all the bad days thrown us in the past and have learned something from each one and grown even more in ourselves through each moment. This is just another experience for us to go and grow through. We are not alone either….

I was listening to Kirk Franklin today and one of the lines in his song really hit me; “Just because God allows things that may not be good to us, doesn’t mean that it’s not good for us…”


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  1. Frank Dalziel says:

    Hi Mikaela: I know you! I’m so very glad you are here and still writing. So happy you are with your family and Melbourne! Very blessed that you you are reading the bible. Please say a prayer for me. And I’m pleased that you have cleaned your closet, phoned a friend, read, and journaled. I have grown from my experience. And yes, I’m a bit scared. And yes, I’ve grown from my very bad experience! But I’m a warrior and I can deal with this. Taught by you!!


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    1. mjaquette says:

      You will get through this! Just always be resilient and alert


  2. Fr. Mark says:

    Awesome possum!

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