So I wanted to share different types of journals we can all make and keep during this time we are laying low at home. Journals are great ways to take up time. To write down thoughts, goals, ideas, dreams…. draw in and craft in. The list is endless and then looking back through journals and memories is so much fun as well!

Daily Journal– of course the best one is a day to day journal for thoughts you had, events that happened during the day. Moments you want to keep forever. Just having that daily page, or a couple of pages to process the events of the day. I love journaling as regularly as I can just to process some daily events that may leave me with memories and thoughts I don’t want to remember! Everyone should have some kind of little journal or book to be able to do that!

Prayer Journal– Another vital journal full of beautiful and vulnerable writings. You can take a daily page to just write down prayers for others, for yourself, for things happening around in the world you want to give to God. You can stick bible verses in there, praise songs… pieces of sermons that stick with you that you want to remember and turn back to. Then you can go back through this journal and repeat these prayers as often as you want. If you are praying for some kind of action when it comes into fruition make sure to go back in that journal and write a prayer of thanksgiving too.il_fullxfull.833457879_k4uh

Gratitude/Thankfulness Journal– Thankfulness journals are such rays of light, especially during bumpy times like these. Just noting several things you are thankful for during the day. Things that made you smile or get all fuzzy inside. Moments that remind you there are silver linings in everything and so many people love and care for you. Make a doable list for each day, maybe like four or five things you want to note. They can be little, and they can be big. Whatever you are truly grateful and thankful for during that day!il_570xN.1289294665_cq20

Dreams Journal– This can also be your goals and aspirations journal. Just write down goals and things you want to do later down the road. Bucket lists, dreams you’ve always wanted to achieve, etc…. make lists, draw pictures and never think you have to dream small. Dream big and write whatever your heart desires down in this journal. There is no one stopping you and no one can tell you your dreams are silly… Plus a journal like this can help you escape from being stuck inside, help you imagine fun far off places and cute events with friends that will happen in the future.

Food Journal– This one can be a TON of fun. You can note what you eat through out the day…. you can write down recipes you want to try. You can review restaurants you’ve tried and/or want to try in the future. You can plan out fun food events you want to throw once this is all over. You can draw pictures of food art…. the list is endless because there is so much fun food and exotic foods to try and explore.Workshop Houston Food Journal Working

Art Journal– This one is so fun to me! I love seeing journals that are full of bright drawings or inked sketches.. daily pictures of moments you want to capture forever. You can draw flowers, food, people, memories… anything you want. Plus you can add fun plants or leaves in or pictures you found during the day you want to keep in a safe place. Make it super fun and artsy!maxresdefault

Workout Journal– This one is fun for keeping track of your daily workouts. Your reps, your sets, what workouts you’ve done, which ones you want to tackle tomorrow, etc…. what weights you’re working towards, goals you’re trying to achieve. The list is so long! You can even include people who inspire you, and cute workout clothes you’d love to get!

Travel Journal– Once this travel ban is over I want to do a lot of traveling! You can fill your travel journal with memories of places you’ve been, ticket stubs, receipts, pictures… you can write about stories that happened during those travels. You can share pictures of places you want to go. Plan out your travel itineraries, places you want to see, restaurants and cafes you want to eat at, beaches you want to visit. Take the time to plan it out all now in your journal so you can just go when we are all free to move around again!fc0d0b0bcce2d50c8ea75213d7cfcbb8

Morning Journal– One other one I read about recently that I thought was a fun idea is a morning journal. You just spend a couple minutes writing whatever comes to your mind in the morning. it could be a string of words, it could be a dream, it could be nonsense, it could be a song, but you just put your pen to the paper and start writing. I haven’t tried it yet, but I thought it could maybe be a fun writing exercise to try out!

This was just a super quick blog post I threw together because I wanted to help with some ideas to pass the time when we are all just chilling around and getting bored. Also think of how fun it would be to later this year look back on these journals and remember our thought process and memories earlier in the year! Do you already have some of these journals going? Which ones? I would love to know in the comment section. AND if you have other journals you are keeping that I didn’t list above what are they?


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  1. jobeccarn says:

    Wow what a great idea! Love the different journals you mentioned.

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Yeah there’s a lot of fun options


  2. These are great ideas for journals! I already keep a gratitude journal, but as well as writing things I’m grateful for, I also write things I am proud of, and lessons that I learn throughout the day. So it’s a multi-purpose journal really!

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Ooh love that so much!

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  3. Frank Dalziel says:

    Hi Mikaela: Keeping journals like you do is such a wonderful pastime! I’m so impressed with all of the notes you’ve included about the journals you’ve kept over the years, or are keeping now!

    My journals are much more utilarian in scope, but these were important to me at the time.

    A work journal: For 28 years I kept a daily log of happenings, people, or things that happened around the fish hatchery I worked at. These were often notes to self on how to repair breakdowns, mortalities (if any), feed orders, fish numbers in tanks, animal care practises, work schedules, and so many other things deemed important to me in the day-to-day running of a fish hatchery.

    A student experience journal: For years during my time in university, I kept records. These were layouts and operation of hatcheries or farms I visited and worked at. Feed orders, weekend and holiday work experience, fish timimg and runs, how to identify salmon or trout juveniles, sampling methods etc. This book was incredibly valuable to me and others to study for job interviews, and contained enough detail that I successfully interviewed for my fist job, studying site maps and operation comments from this book.

    A fishing diary: I started keeping track of how I caught fish, when, where, how, and the time of year. Numbers of each species and random notes were included. As years went by, patterns developed and this journal became more valuable than ever!
    I even kept notes on my various trips to Christmas Island. Though sparse by comparison to yours, I can still open that book and remember the names of my guides, fly patterns, dinners, and other things that happened that were important at the time. I’m certain these pale in comparison to your diaries, but they still release a flood of memories when I open them!

    Baseball Journal: I started this when I was fourteen. It contained newspaper clippings, pictures, postcards, and other souvenirs I collect from two age-group World Series I played in: one in Washington, Pennsylvania, and the other in Lafayette, Indiana. I pitched in both. It was a wonderful experience for a kid from Victoria, BC that had never been on an airplane! That Journal and souvenir collection, now resides in The Hall of Fame in Washington, Pennsylvania, but memories will always be with me.

    These are a few examples I can offer. Yours are beautiful works of art; mine were pretty much black and white, or inked, and often had a work purpose, yet some of my most vivid memories were within.


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  4. Jaya Avendel says:

    I love keeping a daily journal. When I think things look grim, I love to go back and see how I felt a couple months ago, or even the same time last year.

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  5. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love this post and it’s break down on the different types of journals and use! I am definitely sharing this!!!

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  6. Enn says:

    I never realised how many different journals there are! Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Yeah there are so many options!


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