Thoughts With Mikaela- a series

Part One

What does a perfect morning look like to you? Does your mind instantly go to those Instagram pictures you have saved of that perfect aesthetic room with plants and mirrors and breakfast in bed? Or snuggled with your partner under blankets just enjoying each other’s company? The sound of gentle rain while soft music plays.. or the sun shining through the curtains while birds chirp and sing joyfully. Just writing out these scenarios gave me the feels multiple times! There is something about that perfect morning that starts the rest of your day off on the right track. The way you start your day is huge…. We have the power to start our days out on the right track. We might not always have those perfect mornings like I mentioned above. There might be some mornings when everything seems to be going wrong from the minute you open your eyes. Start each morning out with purpose. Start each morning out with determination and drive. Each morning is your start to conquer your day.85a69ba6f2a8508761f7098c6299987e

I have never really been a morning person. I can get up early and do things, but often enough the struggle bus will be very real for me, Coffee is my best friend during these mornings! I remember the times when I’ve had to get up insanely early for flights, the mix of exhaustion and excitement is very interesting. You want to sleep, but at the same time you are so ready for an adventure. I remember one instant several years ago I was setting off on a big adventure by myself. I was heading to Australia solo, no family, my mom wasn’t joining me, she’s my travel partner on the big international trips usually. Not only was I traveling solo for the first time I was also going off to meet a guy. That’s a whole different story though… What I really remember clearly though was it was early morning and I was sitting in the airport freaking out inwardly. My parents had dropped me off and were celebrating the morning with doughnuts, I got pictures…. I had some coffee and breakfast, but my stomach was in knots and I just felt a panic attack coming on. My brain started telling me that I couldn’t do this…. that this was a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of listening and falling into the trap I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly willing myself to calm down. I told myself I could, I would do this, and this would all work out. I felt my power and will returning to me and as soon as that happened this beautiful music started playing near me. Turning around there was a gorgeous shiny grand piano and seated in front of it was this little old man and he was pouring his emotion into the song as his fingers deftly played the keys. I don’t remember the song, but I remember how powerful that moment was. How timely the music felt and it solidified my resolve to make that morning, that journey, that adventure one to remember. We have that power, that final say to conquer our day and our outlook on the future.

So often out in the world I see so many people following others blindly. I see people agree to others opinions without a thought of their own. Imagine waking up and the first thing that happens after you open your eyes is someone tells you how your day is going to go. You just nod in agreement, no words, no thoughts given, it’s just a granted that’s how your day is going to go because that person said so! NO! What makes each and every one of us so unique is our ability to think and make decisions for ourselves. Our ability to stand up for our beliefs. To stand up for what we believe is right, for ourselves, for how we truly feel about things and others. When we are united in the belief that we are unique beautiful things can happen. Blaze your own trail every single day. Some days might seem like you aren’t making a difference in anyway. The day is dragging, you don’t feel like yourself, you’re feeling extra alone… but you continue to move forward. You make the choice that even if you might not want to in the moment you are going to continue. Little do you know in that split second though these are the moments that truly help define your character. The hard times when you don’t feel like continuing are the moments that shape you, because you do continue. Your body, heart, mind, and soul remember this and remind you later on down the road “Hey remember that day you just didn’t want to, but you did anyways? That means you can do it again!” And again, and again, and again….01ML-TINYLOVE-ILLO1-videoLarge-v3

There are definitely hard days that happen. There are days when your brain keeps telling you it’ll be okay, but you still are struggling. When you rationally know you really should be okay, but you just feel off. I actually am having one of those moments right now. When you’ve had a fabulous day, nothing really went wrong, nothing should have set you off, but all of a sudden you just feel down… These are great times to work through those emotions. You never want to hold it all in because eventually down the road it will all explode. Down the road that one straw will break the camel’s back and you will collapse in a puddle of pain. I heard once a saying that no one should tell you how you yourself should feel your emotions. You have the right to go through what you are going through. Process that grief, that pain, those feelings deep inside you, process them in whatever way is therapeutic and healing for you. Process and then let go! It can be extremely difficult to do that, the process of letting go. It can be difficult to also allow yourself to truly feel those emotions. I believe we grow during the difficult moments. That is when we are tested and when we prove ourselves. Those are the moments that can define our destiny for us… wow that kind of sounds cliche or very dramatic, but it is so true! I recently shared that quote above on my Instagram and I had so many people reach out agreeing with it, but also commenting on how difficult that was to do. My simple response however was usually just, “yes it is difficult, but so worth it. We grow from these moments, and over time even though the emotions are often still painful the process can become easier if it is something that is second nature to us.”4421f902e82f61f39de7f2fabfee7fd7

Each day we get to have that opportunity to start afresh. I even believe if we have power over our minds and emotions and if we don’t let others dictate how we feel, then we get to start afresh whenever we want. We can take a step back, take a deep breath, reevaluate our situation, and then own the situation and start afresh. Off days happen, but we can definitely try to turn them around! Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t and we just go to bed ready to start over again tomorrow. The important fact however, is that we try.. We fought for ourselves. We are worth fighting for and often enough the one person who should be the most consistent in fighting for us is ourselves. Does that make sense? We will have friends that stand and support us, family that supports us, loved ones, etc. but in the long run the one person that truly knows all the battles going on inside of ourselves is.. you! Work on yourself for yourself, not for someone else….. You can’t make people love you, you can’t make people do anything… that is forced and so isn’t real. When you focus on the inside, fighting for yourself, fighting for peace, for confidence, for grace, and don’t chase after answers from others that might not even be there you will become strong and resilient and the real people will love you and find you. Not because you MADE them love you, but because they see the real you and the truth you share. Actions speak louder than words. Spring into action and work towards what you want, work towards those goals, and learn along the way….

Part one in a series I will be continually sharing as I write…

To be continued….

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  1. Frank Dalziel says:

    Hi Mikaela: I think this is a great series of thoughts; those of a warrior to be precise. I’m so glad you decided to print them. I really loved your opening paragraph. Such an amazingly beautiful set of dreams. Some maybe not totally real yet, but they will be, and at that time just being held and hugged will feel wonderful!
    Starting afresh each day, you will feel alive; you really will! And even when you don’t feel quite right, I’m certain that the good days will outnumber the bad ones! That cup of coffee sometimes makes all the difference to the start of the day; and sometimes not! Either way it sets you up to get on with your day. Your observations on working through your emotions will help so much, either way! Some days will be hard no matter what you do, but every now and then you will hit a wonderful day, and it will happen before your eyes are open.
    I think you are a truly wonderful person, and am really hoping & praying for you.

    Thanks for this series of thoughts. I’m hoping the next is as clear and bright as this one.

    God bless! Frank❤️❤️

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Thank you for such a well thought out comment 🙂


  2. shanamj36 says:

    Beautifully written and very motivating!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mjaquette says:

      Thank you so much love!!


  3. Auntie M says:

    I loved your Part 1, Mikaela! Falling asleep too early but I must say “Axios!!!”
    FM and I were just talking about writing, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!
    Since I had a major stroke in my left eye (only, thank God) I am losing that part of my vision, and this forum is much too small for me to see words. Forgive any typos!!
    Send to me the email address you’d prefer I use…and I will write!!! Much love to you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mjaquette says:

      Thank you for reading it Auntie M! I definitely need to get back into writing more. Miss you both! I have the same email I’ve had for a bit. It’s much love!


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