What A Year!

It so crazy to wrap my brain around the fact that 2020 is over. We are in 2021 now! We finished the year we never thought would end. We joked that instead of striking midnight and a new year on January 1 2020 would some how just keep going… we joked, but at the same time in the back of our head we’re thinking, “this better not actually freaking happen!” This year was unprecedented… I felt we got a whole decade of history shoved into one year. We would get nervous if a new month started out quietly or normal because we didn’t know what to expect next. It truly was a year like none other. There was so much pain and suffering, so many disasters and strife….. It was a year of making no big plans because a big win was just to make it through the day and be ready then to face whatever the next day was going to hold for you. It was a year of resilience, of getting back up and fighting again for what you thought was right and what you held dear to you. It was a year of unknowns, of meltdowns and stress overload… I could keep going on and on with all that 2020 gave us. I for one definitely felt lost and had many meltdowns and stress attacks throughout the year, but at the same time I learned so much about myself. So I wanted to write a blog post and share some amazing things that happened to me this past year! There were definitely so many gems and moments of sunlight during this past year for me!


Over this past year even though I haven’t been in contact with too many people I feel I have made so many new connections and strengthened some amazing friendships! Thank you social media… even though it drives me crazy a lot of the time the connections I make off of it are priceless! Through the modeling I started seriously this past year I have met some amazing people and new friends. So thankful! I have gotten to explore some amazing places with these people as well and have crossed off quite a few bucket shoots this past year! One of my favorite shoots I got to do this past year that I’ve been wanting to do forever was a fancy winery shoot! And through Instagram and that shoot I met and made a close amazing friend who has been a life saver during these crazy months! 

Family time has been huge this past year. I am so thankful for the connection I have with my family. We spent more time all together than we have in a really long time and I feel we all grew much closer and our bond grew so much stronger. There were a ton of game nights and movie nights. Mom and I tackled lots of puzzles together. When the gyms were closed my dad and I would do hill and circuit training together and my brother and I worked out together in our friends garage gym. My sister and I went on photo adventures… and our dog got to go on so many walks… He was in heaven! We’ve been bad recently with getting him out for consistent walks due to all the rain now. It’s officially rainy season here in Oregon now. It’s such a nice sound to wake up to, but boy does it make hard to get out of bed. The covers suddenly seem so much comfier and warm! In the Pacific Northwest during this time Vitamin d supplements are our best friends. Plus it’s really good for immune support too! (little fact for you there) 

Our family got to travel and visit friends and family this past October in New York and Pennsylvania. We saw family we hadn’t seen in years as well as dear friends. We got to explore New York City and I tried so many yummy food places.. I was in heaven! We got to drive around upstate and see al the beautiful fall colors and go visit Niagara Falls. So beautiful! I was completely blown away by how much water went over the falls and how majestic it was. We got to visit and tour Gettysburg. The rich history that is over on the East Coast was so amazing to experience. It was so cool to get to visit so many places I had only read about in history books so far. And to be able to walk so many places because the weather actually stayed pretty nice for the most part! I was so thankful. Definitely though a highlight of that trip was visiting one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in five years. Getting to catch up and see his face in person…… made my day! So thankful for that opportunity! I did lose one of my favorite jackets while in New York, but oh wellllll gave me a reason to get to buy a new one. 😉


Another highlight for me this past year was I set a goal to read the bible front to back during all our time at home. I have never read it cover to cover before. I started in March when we went into quarantine and finished in September! There were many books I hadn’t ever read all the way through. There were books that were extremely hard to get through. There were books and verses that were lifesavers for me during the rough days at the beginning of quarantine. The book of Psalms was one of those life lines through the months of uncertainty. All the verses filled with hope and positivity and just constant praise to the Lord was a balm for my soul and heart. Reading the bible really helped deepen my own relationship with God even more. I took time out of each day to sit outside and read and then journal my thoughts. In the midst of all the craziness being able to give myself that anchor was so important for my mental stability. I now jump back and forth in the bible and read a book from the old and then new testament and then switch again. 

The list can actually go on and on of little things here and there that happened in 2020 that were so special to and for me! I could list all the things that didn’t go right and how 2020 was a struggle, but if I’m completely honest with myself and you there were so many good things that happened as well. I had so much to be thankful for in 2020 and I felt myself grow even more during this year. We were all tested daily and forced to grow out of our comfort zones with all the unknown and new things happening around us. It was beautiful though to see all the good that happened this year as well… all the humanity that is actually out in the world. The people that stepped up to the plate when they were needed. All the acts of selflessness and love that happened this past year. We were all tested and to see how some responded with love and worked to help and be that change was so empowering.

Here is a new year! Although nothing feels like it has changed due to spikes and more shut downs and freezes let’s continue to try and find those special moments and memories to make this year. I’m excited to see what this year has to offer! 

What are some highlights 2020 held for you? I would love to read about them in the comment section! 

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Mikaela: I loved reading your blog. You always seem to be able to make the best of things; and you are such an amazing writer! My 2020 wasn’t as bright as yours. I loved the beginning as I was able to go to the gym on a regular basis! I love the gym! But honestly, I’m afraid to go right now. From March through September it was closed, and after that when it opened, I was recovering from a brain operation – which is a long slow recovery. I do my best at home, but like you, I love lifting weights. You are so lucky to have access to a private garage gym. The photos were wonderful!
    I had to really reduce my presence on Facebook for personal reasons:( I miss your posts, so was very happy to see your blog appear. You are such a good and uplifting writer! I’m glad to hear that last year had its highs for you! Take good care of yourself Mikaela. I’m hoping that 2021 is a much better year for both of us; infact for everyone! Love to you.

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