Starting Fresh

Oh gosh.. I feel like my inspiration for writing on this page goes up and down and up and down. I get inspired and write a ton and then life happens and the writing slows down, or stops completely. Then I have a spurt and start writing again and the cycle continues from there. and you know what… That is completely okay! My brain is over here trying to force my fingers to write out an apology for not being more consistent with writing on here, but I don’t need to stress about all that. Life happens and we focus on something else and just roll with the punches or hiccups or blessings that come our way! These past couple years especially have thrown many a curve ball our way and we are only know really starting to get used to maybe the feeling of the unknown? Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part, but maybe just maybe we are taking a deep breath, rolling our shoulders and thinking, “okay I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’ve made it this far so let’s just keep going!”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently of taking up writing again on here for multiple reasons. Number one is I have more afternoon time and recently I’ve been catching up on a TON of movies and tv shows, but I would really like to put some of that time away for writing as well. Now you may ask how have I gotten more afternoon time!? What’s changed? WELL I decided in late 2021 I wanted a change and so left the job I’ve been at for almost six years. I left December 31st, 2021 because I didn’t want to start 2022 out at that job. I wanted to start 2022 out fresh and new. I took a break for a week or so and then got a job at FedEx! And it’s graveyard shift…. that’s been something I’m still getting used to plus the differences in the job criteria, but I really do like the change! I am now coming home though when most people are getting ready to go to work. I nap for a bit and then have a full afternoon wide open for possibilities! So Why not start writing again!?

Another reason I have for wanting to start writing again is because my mental health journey this past year has been all over. I’m still on it and have been struggling recently with this wide open afternoons and feeling listless and lonely so I wanted to do something that I really enjoy doing which is writing! And I’m hoping you all (my followers) and who ever else stumbles across my blog and musings will enjoy my posts I share as well! I don’t have a structure of posts and themes I will be sticking to because I really want to just share me, the authentic me. Which is something I feel I’ve always done with this blog. So I will just continue to do just that! From book reviews, to food reviews, to travel updates, to mental health and positivity posts… I plan to share it all, AND I love it when you share post ideas with me too so always know that I welcome them! I have a small notebook I try and keep with me always so I can jot down ideas and thoughts.

Anyways that’s enough musings for now I feel. This one is short because I just wanted to pop in and say hey it’s me… I’m back and really want to try and be consistent with this page! I hope your 2022 has been shaping out really well for you all! xo S’Agapo

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Mikaela: Wishing I could be number 300, but then I would have missed all of your wonderful writing about your life. I actually feel like I know you; maybe one day we will meet.
    Yes, please continue to write about your life! I missed your blog posts, but understand why, so that is life. I really hope your life is improving, and happy to hear you are working at FedEx. Maybe you should write about how you feel after graveyard. I used to work rotating shifts (day, afternoons, and graveyard) and always found graveyard to be the hardest. Anyway, if you are permitted, I’d love to hear more about your new job. So happy to hear you are working, but somehow not overly surprised as I know you are a warrior and couldn’t sit still for long.
    Your ideas about your mental health journey are very welcome. And just life in general, as you have always been so positive. My life stopped for about two years while I got better, so I’m most interested to hear about your journey, if you care to write about it. I have other suggestions, but this is enough for now. Please continue to write. I think you are a wonderful person, full of thoughts and ideas that I look forward to hearing about!

    X0X S’Agapo


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