A Perfect Day

As the rain is falling outside, the grey clouds messing up my motivation.. I’m sitting here trying to think of the perfect day and it hit me I really have so many depending on what mood I’m in! Do you ever run into that? So wait let me go put the kettle on and make myself some tea to go with this grey day! Then curled up in bed writing doesn’t sound so bad right? Not at all, it actually sounds like a warm and cozy invitation. Even people who aren’t rain lovers couldn’t pass up this moment right!? Add a warm fire, some snacks and if you get tired of writing maybe a good book or a movie? What are some of your favorite things that make a day perfect for you?

Okay I’m back with a cup of warm tea in hand… I’m not kidding! It’s rooibos to be exact. So yes now you know my calm low key perfect day. The type of day when you just want to hide under blankets, listen to the rain and just recharge yourself completely. Living in Oregon we get a lot of rainy days here. In fact we joke that Oregon has two seasons; the rainy season and then construction season! ha…. but anyways us Oregonians get used to the rain pretty quickly. I used to really not be the biggest fan of it and would get so depressed, but now it really soothes the soul! There’s something calming and cleaning about rain, and the sound is very soothing!

BUT I’m not always in the rainy perfect day mood! Other times I want a warm sunny day with just the slightest breeze. The sun is out clear and bright, but not too hot and I’m outside just soaking it up! Or if I’m near water then it can be hotter because I can cool down easily. The difference the sun does for my mood too is infectious! I feel more alive, more away, not as lethargic. I want to go out and explore and do things, see things, eat yummy food! Warm days like that are the best for exploring and traveling! Reminds me of Greece. Exploring the ancient ruins with the sun above, soaking in the Mediterranean warmth and culture and history and knowing that later I would be soaking up the amazing food too.

Maybe each season or type of weather has a perfect day for me! What about you? Fall is definitely an explore a pumpkin patch with an apple cider in hand type of perfect day or if it’s a rainy fall day… the curl up in bed day! Winter for me is anything related to Christmas! Baking and listening to music and Christmas movies and then after the holidays have passed, the curl in bed day again! I think that day comes up a lot for me just because of the fact it rains so much here…. because going into spring as well when it’s raining thats my perfect day. Then exploring a farmers market or taking walks outside noticing all the new blooming life! That’s when the days are nice. And then those warm sunny summer perfect days! Perfect time for exploring!

There’s something about these days that really help recharge you. They are moments when life slows down a little bit for you and you can soak up the little things going around you. They are days when sometimes the cares of the world fade a bit and you can be in the now either with others or even by yourself. We all deserve days like that once in a while. A reminder to step away from the business or the every day life. It was rainy and grey here today so I tried to enjoy a bit of down time throughout the other things I needed to do, and now I’m planning on spending the rest of the evening recharging!

What are your types of favorite perfect days? Do you have several like me? Leave them in the comments below! I’d love the hear about them.

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Mikaela: I love your perfect days, many of mine are similar. Living on the west coast of British Columbia, I get pretty used to rain! I love listening to the pitter patter of rainfall hitting the roof. It is soothing to the soul.
    Christmas is certainly a favourite season of mine. I really love watching all of the Christmas movies; probably my favourite thing to do! I love Easter too, but for different & religious reasons.
    And reading is another favourite! I can lose myself in a book for hours, and the sound of the rain makes it very relaxing.
    You sound like a fun person to hang out with. Snuggling while watching Christmas movies is so much better!
    The last thing I’ll mention is tying flies. It brings out my artistic side, and is very relaxing when it is raining. Late-fall through early spring is fly tying season. I do a lot of dreaming and thinking, so it is something I really enjoy.
    I don’t want to bother you too much so I’ll end here. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are such an amazing writer. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful day. XOX

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  2. JERAT416 says:

    I think every season has beauty to it. We just need to look for it. Then of course, be in the mood for it.

    I’m glad I’m finally following you! This is an old (and my only) account here but I’m Jayson aka veganbaconbits. 😊

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  3. My perfect days are lazy days with my husband where we just get to stay in bed whole day, binge our current series, and just enjoy each other without any interruptions. Those days are very rare to come by.


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