Thifting Adventures

Who doesn’t love a good thrift store find!? Or spending an afternoon looking through shelves and racks for that treasure of a life time. The bummed feeling of leaving empty handed, but hopeful that next time you will hit gold and find something exciting. Watching a certain item hoping it will still be there next week when it’s even more discounted, or even hiding it in a special spot so hopefully no one finds it and you can retrieve it next week. These are all some of the fun aspects I love about thrifting and there’s so much more as well.

I’ve gone through stages I feel like where I’ve really liked thrifiting, and then not as much. Growing up we always thrifted and I had so much fun looking for deals and unique pieces of clothes. Going on the days when you had the double deals was always so fun, but you had to be prepared to stand your ground because people got aggressive! I was always a little intimidated with older ladies barreling down the aisles towards me with their cart, but I knew if I wanted to keep that certain blouse I had my eye on or a certain trinket I had to hold my ground! Don’t give way! haha it was fun though. Have you ever experienced a double discount day before? You have to go in with a plan and a list and be in the mindset of being READY TO CONQUER!

In my mid to later teen years once I started working more consistently I found myself not thrifting as much and instead shopping more at the local malls. I did still find myself quite often gravitating towards the clearance racks though to find a deal. I actually still have a pair of knock off Timberland boots that I got for a huge discount back when I was a teenager. I still rock them and will wear them until they probably fall apart. I think the mall was also a huge social thing for me growing up. Walking around with my friends, people watching, checking out the new fashions or outfits on the mannequins. It was all a part of growing up.

One thing I really missed and have found again in my return to thrifting is the uniqueness of the clothing. It’s the hunt to find that one item hidden in the racks because there aren’t racks upon racks of the same item. Not saying that’s bad, but it’s so much more fun to go hunting. I recently found a fabulous long leather black jacket at goodwill for only $25!!! I had been looking for one for a shoot I was going to do, plus my sister has one that I love seeing how she styles it so I needed one myself. I searched for several weeks for this coat and was almost about ready to give up, but I decided to just pop into this last goodwill and there it was on the back coat rack….. DESTINY!

I don’t only look for clothes though at the thrift stores. I have found almost the complete series of the office at the thrift stores (ever since Netflix took it off…. thanks NETFLIX!) I have quite fed into my obsession for large realistic stuffed animals (if you know me you know I can’t turn down a big stuffed cat if it’s realistic looking!) and my latest quest that I am on is to find a Grecian statue. It could be a full body or just a bust, i’m not too picky, but I will see it and know I want it someday soon I just know it! I also have found almost the entire set of collector Sound of Music plates! Random, but such fun treasures! What are some unique items in your house that you have found thrifting?

Have you ever planned a thrifting day? Mapped out which stores you wanted to go to, what you were looking for…. where you would stop for maybe a coffee or snack. Which friends you would go with? If you haven’t you really should! There are lots of little thrift stores around you I’m sure and some of the non big chain ones can be where you find those really special treasures. I do really love a good goodwill though.

The other thing I really love about thrift stores is that after I go for a haul there I can go home and clean out my closet of items I don’t really wear anymore and go donate them to the same thrift store I just bought from! I’m helping replenish right? Plus helping recycle clothes and trying to be better at not buying in completely to the fast fashion market. That’s still a work in progress, but I am trying! Speaking of which I think my closet is about ready for a clean through and thrift haul soon! Have to switch pieces out! The other thing I want to do is take some of the books I’m done reading and find those little reading libraries around town to add them too. BUT that’s a whole ‘nother story and post for some other time!

Anyways enough rambling from me for one afternoon! If you haven’t already you should set up a thrifting adventure for yourself soon! If you are afraid of being overwhelmed maybe start out small too! Make yourself a list of what you’d like to find or things you’ve been wanting. Or just take it in sections. Maybe break it up for different trips? OR if you really want the plunge map out your route through the store and make like a big circle slowly checking everything out! Good luck!!! And let me know if you find any treasures in the comments or if you have some awesome treasures you’ve already found and love so much! xo

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Mikaela: I loved reading about your thrifting adventures! I can tell by reading this that you really enjoy thrifting (aka hunting!)! You would be so much fun to thrift with. Haha, I love it too! So strange, but I just returned from a Salvation Army Thrift store an hour ago! (no kidding!) I love going in to see what they have. Today, I was looking for a kettle I could boil water in. I need steam to repair some of my feathers. I just want an old-fashioned kettle! You would have loved it! Piles of ladies clothes there!

    My best memory is of something that got away while I was in a small second-hand store. I saw an old fly box so I asked to look at it, and it was full of Atlantic Salmon flies. The proprietor told me I could have it for $25 dollars. About 10-years ago, that was cheap! Anyway, in a fit of cheapness, I gave it back to the guy and said maybe some other time! Ten minutes later, I thought maybe I will pick it up – it was kind of nice (to me!). Well, I returned and asked for the box and the guy said “sorry, I sold it about 5-minutes ago”. I was crushed! I’ve never forgotten.
    How about you; have you missed any deals? Yes, I have other stuff around here, but I’ll never forget the one that got away.

    You’ve brought back so many memories! Great blog! Looking forward to your next one! I think I’ll go back out and look for a kettle tomorrow. Lol!! XOX

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  2. jobeccarn says:

    Love to thrift…though Dad may love it even more. I think my Le Creuset and Desco pots are some of my favorite finds-that are very functional and have been used a lot. Why buy new when you can help keep things out of the landfill…. though I do think a review from the PAKA in Antigua might also be appropriate. Thrifting in a foreign country has also been fun-and a bit dangerous when it comes to packing to go home! lol.

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  3. jobeccarn says:

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    Do you ever Thrift? Check out ablondeinthecrowd’s experiences. WE love to thrift, and have been very grateful for the many resale shops in our immediate area and farther. Even enjoy thrifting in foreign countries.


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