Legs for Days

Everyone has a love hate relationship with leg day… that is a given fact. No other day leaves me as sweaty and exhausted as leg day. But that is also the reason I love leg day so much. It breaks you, but not completely and then builds you up stronger than before. I like to split my leg days into two days. When i’ve told people this many people’s response is “umm isn’t one leg day enough for you!?” My answer nah haha we have to be over achievers and do two. I split my leg muscles up though over those two days and have noticed in the long run my muscle growth and strength flourish with a two day broken up program.

Day 1: Day one is quad dominate with calves and squats!

I like to start off with seated calf raises to warm up and do 4×10 in all three variations of foot placement so as to hit all of my calves. Then we go to leg extensions and I usually do 2×10, 2×8 and 2×5 increasing the weight. After that is standing calf raises and exactly the same as the seated ones. Next we move to the leg press. I personally like to do two variations while on this machine so as to hit my quads and my glutes. To hit your quads keep your feet more in the middle of the machine and to hit glutes bring your feet up farther towards the top of the machine. I do 4×10 for both variations right after the other. Then is lunges! I like doing my lunges with dumbbells and will usually find a long hallway or section of the room and walk back and forth four times. Once this section is down and I have scouted out an empty rack its SQUAT TIME! I love squats so much……! The rest of my workout is focused on my squats and variations. I usually do three types. Regular, box and front squats. starting off with regular I like to do a higher rep warm up before putting on my weights and building up. My rep cycle changes off and on since sometimes I do a shorter rep set and then a longer one at a higher weight or opposite. But either way I start with a warm up usually with just the bar for 15. Then adding weight I hit 2×10, add more weight 2×8, and then add more weight and do 3×3. I found doing reps like this helps my build up and strength personally. Then I do box squats and do 4×8. Now these ones you want to make sure you are standing back up quickly and not sitting for too long! Then front squats I also hit 4×8. ooooffff stretch and rest time!

Leg Day 2: Hams dominate, box jumps and deadlifts

I will throw in a small set of seated calf raises to help warm up my legs before heading to the hamstring curl machine. This one I always feel a bit odd in because it always seems to be facing out to the room and all, but hey just will stick my butt in the air and won’t care! haha… For this exercise I like to warm up with a set of 15 at a light weight before hitting a set cycle of 12,10,8 and then a burn out of 2×5 at a higher weight. This definitely warms my legs up to the go hit my deadlift workout. Here is the post about my Deadlift Day!  

After Deadlifts I hit box jumps for a nice burnout session followed by, if I’m not limp jelly by now, a burnout squat session. With my jumps I do 4×10 and my squats I’ll do 4×8 with either the bar or just 10 lbs on both sides… very light.. Then it’s stretch time!

Having two leg days definitely fits into my workout schedule too because I try to workout 5-6 days a week. I like to start my week off with shoulders and biceps followed by back day, then leg day one, chest and tris, leg day two and the last day is a full body workout or if I need a rest day that gives me a little wiggle room. Always listen to your body and be conscious for sure what its trying to tell you. xoxo



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  1. Gerard Potvin says:

    Wonderful and also intense. Thanks for sharing

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