I at the beginning of the year decided to up my eating just a bit to try and gain more weight, but at the same time I am trying to keep it semi clean so as to gain more muscle with this bulk. One thing I will unabashedly say I have indulged in more is pasta. PASTA! It doesn’t help that Trader Joe’s sells easy Italian pasta in bags for just 99 cents.

This past winter term I took a Nutrition class. It turned out to be a more anthropology nutrition class where we learned more about the social parts around food. We did however study a bit about basic carbs, fats and proteins in the beginning of the term and that really interested me. The fact that we really do need a good amount of carbs in our daily diet, but not the kinds that people instantly think of like white bread or rice for instance, but complex carbs and fibers. These complex carbs are extremely beneficial due to the fact they give you good energy and break down slowly instead of simple carbs that break down very quickly.

SO back to pasta……. I do eat the whole wheat pasta and breads sometimes, but my achilles heel would have to be carbonara with regular pasta. I try to spread these treats out though and if I do find myself with more pasta I try to supplement with veggies and fruits as well. A you can see in the picture lots of colorful peppers and asparagus! 🙂 Broccoli is another really yummy veggie to add to your meals and my favorite of all fresh tomato.

Now meal prepping can definitely be hard just due to the fact it takes time and I will truthfully say that is why I don’t meal prep all the time. I just lose track of time or get busy and then miss that window. But I find sometimes if I’m short on time even making just one of my food groups for the week is so beneficial. Like just cooking up a ton of chicken and then through the week adding the carbs and fats that you have. I’m definitely trying to get better at that myself.

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  1. Frank D says:

    Haha!! Broccoli, asparagus, chicken and pasta are pretty much my favourite staples. Throw in some carrots, peppers and other seasonal fresh vegetables (like tomatoes 😃) and I’m very happy. Great article!!

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