Motivational Tips and Hacks

Sometimes getting to the gym or even getting your day started can be rough and hard… I personally have days where I don’t want to move from my bed. My mom likes to describe those days as “The lazy song” by Bruno Mars for me. Somehow I manage to get myself up though and to the gym. I’ve found little tricks here and there for my workouts as well as just everyday life so I thought I’d just share some of them. Try them out, see what happens and let me know what you think!

1: Rose water!

I like to a spray bottle of rose water that I spritz on my face when I am waking up and getting ready for my day. The spray is calming, but also just settles me into a mindset of okay I can go now. I also bring this along with wipes for after my workouts so I can wipe myself off so as not to feel so sweaty before heading out. My wipes are infused with lavender and rosemary so they are also nice and calming/stress relieving/we feel better now.

2: Different playlists depending on how you feel:

I have made multiple playlists depending on my mood. These range from just feel good music, to those songs that just make you want to conquer EVERYTHING in your path. I have them labeled and know which one I need to turn on when I’m feeling a certain way. I have different types for working out as well. I have one playlist that is made for that deadlift squat day because you literally feel like The Rock when you listen to the songs. But then I also have my feel good songs that just make me smile and want to dance. Everyone’s tastes in music are different, but I highly recommend making several playlists for different moods if you haven’t already!

3: Motivation in the gym

Ever have those days when the pre-workout AND the motivational music don’t seem to be cutting it? I definitely do! With each muscle group I have favorite workouts for each that I definitely like doing more than other workouts. I get happy doing those specific workouts even on a day when I’m not feeling it. So I space those workouts out. For every exercise I really like to do I do one or two of the ones I’m just not feeling. This allows me to have something to look forward to while also making sure I’m getting my full workout in.

4: Food:

I try to eat as healthy as I can while still working on bulking so my mix of food would be considered mixed bulk. Not dirty, not entirely clean either. I really love food, good food that is, and so I like to indulge here and there. A little snippet about me, my favorite store is Trader Joe’s. I like to go once a week and stock up on some healthy yummy snacks I can reward myself with throughout the week. I’m pretty much a dog. If I do something good I get a treat. Some of my favorites for examples would be their plantain chips or gyro meat with tzatziki. I try to avoid the overly sugary treats there and often find myself drawn to their savory options. But it’s always nice to have a little treat to look forward to after a long day or workout!


This one is a personal favorite of mine and it seems to just help my day get started on the right track. Just a tall glass of water in the morning with some lemon juice added can work wonders. Always just adds a little perk to my morning and if I wake up with an upset stomach it definitely helps settle it. I’ve also been trying to do a shot of apple cider vinegar each morning too because even though it tastes so nasty it helps just start my morning off right. I was able to find an apple cider vinegar with honey mixed in it so the sourness is not as bad. Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar with the mother and honey. Check it out!

6: Take pictures!

Routinely take pictures of yourself when you’re feeling like hot stuff or the after gym selfie. You don’t have to share with anyone, just keep them on your phone. If you want to share then go for it! When I’m having a bumpy or unmotivated day I pull up some of those pictures just for a pump up or reminder that I do have really good days and I rock and this is just an off day that I can easily beat! Progress pictures for the gym are especially great for that because you can look back on how far you’ve come and be inspired to keep beating that. My mantra is “ The only person I have to beat is the person I was yesterday!”

7: Little goals

Another big one for me is the way I set goals. I really try to set little goals that I can achieve easier than a huge one that might discourage me and then I’d just go cold turkey. HOWEVER! That doesn’t mean I’m not trying to achieve that bigger goal. I set little goals that ultimately lead up to that bigger goal so in the long run I don’t get overwhelmed. Just like in “What about Bob” “Baby Steps!” I actually come across a lot of negativity when I talk about this because people hear the first part of my mantra and then shut off and think I’m discouraging people from going for the big goal. No I’m not… I’m just saying try to make that big goal a bit more attainable for yourself. Slow progress is still progress and way better than no progress.


These are just a few of my quirky or maybe unconventional tips and hacks. They work for me with the gym and in everyday life. These are just nice little tools to have in your back pocket for days when you seem to be in a rut. Xo

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  1. Gerard Potvin says:

    This is wonderful information. While it may not be exactly what everyone goes by, the pointers are especially great for someone that are looking at a way to change their lifestyle. Always inspiring, always motivating. Thank you.

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  2. Frank Dalziel says:

    Lots of great little tips here from one who has travelled before me. I’m trying hard to change & enjoyed the tip on setting goals. That idea will work for me. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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