Take Care of our Minds

Positive-MindWhere is the place that we live the most in? Where is that one spot we always return to and often can get stuck in? Where is that one place where we are most ourselves and no one can truly enter or know how we are feeling? It’s not a physical spot.. no it is our own mind. Our own brain and thoughts that go on inside us. Since we spend so much time in our minds shouldn’t it be a positive and happy place for us instead of a spot full of negativity out to tear us down?

It is easy to state those words above though and harder to follow or stick to your guns, especially when we are having days where we just feel off and start picking apart every little thing about ourselves. We compare and discount our worth due to the insane standards put out there on the daily by social media and society. Your mind can be very gullible sometimes so we need to consciously feed it positivity…. Feed it truth, feed it strength, feed your mind with love. Remember you are ALWAYS worthy of love… never let your mind try to tell you otherwise. Everything begins and ends with your mind… everything! If you give the negativity in your mind power over you then you will be ruled by those thoughts, but you can stand up to those thoughts. The only thoughts that prevail in your mind are the ones you allow.. always remember that. You have control over all the thoughts in your mind, not the other way around. You are in control, you are strong, you are powerful, you will overcome. I read somewhere once that your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel. That is so true…. Healthy mindset is the key to a happy and full life. 

Our minds and thoughts can be so many different things… one minute a peaceful meadow dotted with flowers and sunshine and positivity, the next a battlefield wrought with explosions and chaos. One minute a placid pond glimmering with sun sparkles, the next a stormy ocean with angry waves crashing everywhere. We can’t fight the waves, but we can ride them and surf them to the shore. We can fight back and not let the negativity just crash over us. We are warriors on that battlefield, we are seasoned swimmers ready for the waves. We can stand up to those thoughts and fight back. We should never take those thoughts lying down, NEVER! I often have these battles myself and have found since I have really consciously and stubbornly started fighting back the thoughts eventually recede. They’re like that person that just wants to tell you what to do and you put them firmly in their place and tell them their opinion does not effect you. They don’t know you so they don’t have a say, and when they try slinking back with a retort you instantly stop them. Be firm, be strong and don’t take talk back! I actually have had a few times where I have had to verbally out loud tell my brain to stop it and shut up. I probably look crazy because I’ve even done it in public before…. just randomly talking to myself and telling myself to shut up… ha nothing crazy to see here. BUT it actually works! When I am firm with myself and know what is best for me, the negative thoughts usually go away.

Now this is definitely not a one and done and thing. We are constantly on this journey, this battle, this struggle sometimes to make our mind a happy and safe place. The struggle however, becomes easier each time we purposefully stand up to the negative thoughts. Each time we win the struggle and remember that a positive mindset is the key to success. There are so many people out in the world willing to take us down and tear us up we need our mind to be our biggest ally not our strongest foe. A united front is stronger against the enemy and onslaughts sent our way. Why not be fully united in yourself? When you are strong, secure and confident in your own person practically nothing can affect you. You don’t let the opinions of others affect your person, because simply put they are not you. They don’t know you like you know yourself… why let someone who is in your life for a few moments affect you and shake you to your core. They often don’t stick around either, so why let someone who is no longer there affect you so!? You are bigger than their words, their words do not define you. You are incredibly made! Why question your worth?

So I want us all to do an exercise to create that strong positive mindset. I want us all to consciously stop the negative thoughts during the next days coming. Be even stronger in our retort, in our response to the negative thoughts. If you have to be over the top be over the top! Added drama can help things stick too! If you need to stop everything you’re doing and verbally talk to yourself do it! Give your mind a good talking to whenever you start to feel those negative thoughts creeping in. It can even be a scolding if need be… just really try and consciously make that choice to stand up for yourself against yourself…. that made me chuckle writing, but it’s so true. We sometimes have to stand up against ourselves.

Our minds are such incredible places and each one of us is so incredibly different. No brain is alike, no thoughts the same… every one unique. What might work for you, might not work at all for someone else and vice versa. What may seem common and normal to you might not even cross some one else’s mind. I can state however, even with all the differences we all are the master’s of our minds. We are not our thoughts, we have been often told we are, no in fact we are the master’s of them and greater than our thoughts. We must remember though that everything happens in our brain first before manifesting to the physical. We must believe in ourselves in our minds so that will overflow into every aspect of our lives. Strengthen your vision and believe in hope. Believe in love…. Believe you are always more than enough. Mindset is EVERYTHING!


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  1. Frank Dalziel says:

    Hi Mikaela: I’m so glad you wrote this piece about our mind. You have obviously thought about the mind a lot; and it shows! You really do have a beautiful mind and I’m so pleased that you passed along some thoughts to help us become better people.
    I hadn’t thought about my mind being “my” place. Of course it is! Such a simple truth about life. And yes, it is very easy for my mind to become a battlefield; too easy. Yet fortunately, in the time I’ve know you, love and beauty are now at the front of my mind rather than being tucked in a back room somewhere. You really do have that effect on people.
    Yes! Of course I’ll do your exercise and think about all the things you said! There are still too many days when negativity sneaks to the forefront of my mind, so an exercise in positivity, kindness, and love is perfect! Thanks Mikaela. As always I think you are a wonderful person with a beautiful mind. Thanks for the thoughtful post. It will help me become my version of a better person; a bit more like you. Love, Frank❤️

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Aw so glad you liked this! Yes do the exercise and let me know what you think


  2. justnatonya says:

    YAASSS Mikaela, tell those thoughts to shut up! I like that you had no shame in speaking to those negative thoughts aloud in public💯. It’s true, you are your thoughts and what ever you think about yourself pours on the outside. This was so deep👏🏾❤️

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Aw yes yes!!! Xoxoxo love you sis

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      1. justnatonya says:

        Love ya sis❤️❤️❤️


  3. This is such a good read, especially right now. With so much negativity in the world around us, it’s easy to fall into that trap and allow our minds to slip into a negative place as well. However, we need that positivity and ‘safe space’ now more than ever!

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    1. mjaquette says:

      Yes exactly!! It’s so important xo


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